Basic Structure of The PhD Dissertation

This posting will provide an outline of the basic structure of a PhD dissertation or Thesis paper that students can use to model his or her, own papers after.

  1. Title
  2. Paper Abstract (About 400 words)
  3. The abstract is a summary of the research and a description of the overall contents of the paper. It should introduce the research problem and include elements such as the method of research and investigation, describe the experiment briefly (if applicable) and make a general conclusion about the project introduction. This part of the paper should not include very many details, as it is merely an overview. You do not need to put in any of your tables, graphs or other research materials quite yet. The abstract should not exceed 400 words.

  4. The Preface
  5. This is where you introduce the design of your research and elaborate on the experiment procedure. This is also where you will describe the performance of the research and how it went. You may also include a brief analysis of the research data that you have gathered.

    In addition you may also include:

    -Any work that needs to be presented, such as the bibliography, research sources, interviews, etc. -If the work included other work and publications then this should also be handed in with the preface.

    The thesis is also written in the preface, if it has been copied from another publication.

  6. Table of Contents
  7. List of all tables and visuals (graphs and charts) in the order that they are referenced.
  8. Glossary (optional inclusion)
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. If anyone as assisted or advised you, you’ll mention them here. If any materials or research has been presented to you, you can also thank the contributors here.

  11. Document Body
  12. This will be the main text of the dissertation and include all of your chapters and parts in order. This must comply with the project regulations as established by your institution.

    • Introduction
    • Research Chapters
    • Conclusion
  13. Bibliography/ Sources Cited Page (must be included)
  14. Appendices
  15. This is where any additional supporting material can be references.