23 Successful Dissertation Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

Are you wondering how to choose a unique and interesting topic for your dissertation? Do you want to have a list of winning dissertation topics that you can use to write your own? This is the right place for you if you need something to impress your teachers with in your dissertation topic. You can edit, alter, change or use any of these topics to create a topic that matches your subject and ideas.

Interesting dissertation topics to impress your teachers

  1. A brief study of the pre-historic ages and the concept of barter
  2. The life of gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt and roman civilizations
  3. The early building of the continent Australia to where it is now
  4. The role of religious preachers in promoting extremism and biasness instead of love and harmony
  5. Courtesy can win over hearts that you cannot fight with logic
  6. It is not always necessary to win a game or argument. Losing has its own lessons that are vital for life
  7. The types and styles in which you can create an assignment depending upon your target audience
  8. Environmental ethics and corporate sector
  9. What is a corporate culture in a business and is it important in any manner?
  10. How can a person win many friends without losing his original self and identity
  11. The importance of forgiveness in your way to greatness
  12. Our mind is like a magnet it attracts positive and negative vibes both from the universe
  13. We are a reflection of our thoughts
  14. Habits once formed take long to change
  15. It is the fault in our systems that children do not go to school
  16. We need to act and think as a nation in order to help the deprived and poor in our community
  17. Food, shelter and clothing are basic necessities that no human should be denied
  18. Is Marxism a better choice than capitalism? Show how is Marxism different from feudalism or capitalism
  19. A writer needs to write because he has a feeling and passion for it not because he wants to make money. Argue
  20. Discuss the relationship between financial crisis and failed marriages
  21. Show how people can control their mind and levitate
  22. What is the best method to control air and noise pollution in urban areas
  23. A comparative analysis of PHP, open cart, Magento and Wordpress