How To Write A Good Master's Thesis In Two Weeks

How to properly format and write a Master’s thesis?

  • First, have to strategize and choose the topic for the thesis.  Do so by creating a list of topic ideas and pick the best idea from the list to be the topic.
  • Second, once select the topic, it is time to do research on the topic at the library and on the internet.
  • Third, once complete taking the research notes, need to do an outline to organize the notes as they will appear in the Master’s thesis.
  • Fourth, after do the outline, need to begin writing the thesis.  It is advisable to do least two rough drafts of the thesis.
  • Fifth, once complete the rough drafts of the thesis, need to have someone review, proofread, and edit the final rough draft of the Master’s thesis.
  • Sixth, after make corrections to the final rough draft, it is time to write the final draft of the Master’s thesis.
  • Seventh, once write the final draft of the thesis, need to have a professional editor review, proofread, and edit the Master’s thesis.
  • Eighth, after making the necessary corrections to the final copy, time to turn in the Master’s thesis to the professor for review and grading.

Here is the general format for Master’s thesis:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion;
  • Bibliography;
  • List of References; and
  • Appendix

How to write a Master’s thesis within two weeks?

  • The only way to write a Master’s thesis within two weeks is you must have completed the research needed to do the thesis.
  • It is advisable that the student begin work on their thesis at least three months before it is due.
  • First thing that the student must do is to ensure that they have chosen a good topic for the Master’s thesis.
  • The student must ensure that they have enough sources like books, journals, periodicals, articles, etc. to gather information on the topic.
  • The student must do an outline of the topic, before writing the thesis, to ensure that the topic is okay to begin researching and writing on.
  • Doing the outline will let the student know whether or not the topic will be feasible for the thesis.  If not feasible, the student will have time to choose another topic.
  • The student must ensure that all sources that will be used to write the thesis are reliable, current, and good.
  • The student should ensure that they have all of the instructions, from the professor, to properly write the Master’s thesis.