Dissertation Editing: 5 Simple Tricks You Can Use To Make Your Paper Shine

When it comes to writing a dissertation, there are several processes involved in it. First, you need to go through a lot of data, write your first draft, compose the references and finally, polish the paper to perfection. Often times, students find it overwhelming to sit back and edit their academic papers. While some don’t attach much importance to it, others feel they don’t have good enough skills to edit their work to the extent their tutors would admire. Unlike what your conclusion might be, editing is not that much of a tedious work. This is especially if you have some basic editing tips at your finger tips.

Having said all these, here are some simple tricks you can use to make your dissertation paper outshine those of your classmates. These simple tricks are as follows:

  • Give The Finished Paper Some Time: This is one trick that most authors find very helpful. Allow the finished paper to stay a while before editing makes it possible to detect various hidden mistakes. This is simply because you are then viewing the academic paper with a fresh pair of eyes that make mistakes pop-up wherever they may be in the paper.
  • Read Out Loud: Certain awkwardly phrased sentences are only detected when they are read out aloud. Read through your entire work, paragraph by paragraph so that you can achieve the right syntax within your work.
  • Scan For Over-Punctuation: There are times that your dissertation would contain a lot of commas without you knowing it. All you need to do is zoom the work and watching it from a distance, check if there are a lot of punctuations. You should also use that opportunity to note sentences that are too long.
  • Don’t Be In A Haste: In editing dissertations, it is important to initiate the task when you don’t have any urgent appointments or activities. This is because when you are in a hurry, you will end up making more mistakes than you corrected. Always edit patiently and carefully.
  • Seek Help: This is especially important if you are not sure of your editing skills. You can either have the paper looked over by a professional or get any of your smart colleagues go through it for proper edits.

These are just a few of the simple tricks you can use to make your dissertation shine. The moment you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your editing task, you can then submit your work.