The Key to a Successful Dissertation Writing: Start Work Early

A dissertation is the penultimate culmination of your post high school academic work. It is a beautiful milestone that could open doors for you, get published, and establish you as an expert in your field.

It is also a time consuming, difficult, and complex project. Ultimately when all is said and done, you have two goals you hope to accomplish: to prove your point (argue the dissertation) uniquely and to finish the task within the allotted timeframe.

Prove Your Point Uniquely

In literature, there is an old adage that says everything that can be said, has been said. So quite simply, finding your unique approach to your topic will come down to your delivery and your voice.

Once you and your advisor agree on the topic, you must immediately begin to look at if from different angles. The material will exist, the facts will be documented, the historical happenings have occurred, but how you go about telling your tale is where the difference will come from.

If you want to prove that women in the military have been victims of sexual abuse since the military has existed, then a unique approach might be to find a recount of that event from Roman times. And then you should discuss the social guidelines and norms of the time. Research will show that a woman had no rights then. So, if she had no rights, did a sexual violation occur? Push the envelope and question the situation, do not just discuss it. Your must be unique and you must argue and prove the point.

Meet Your Deadlines

Your dissertation will be stacked, meaning that you have foundations to build before you can move ahead to specifics. If you start to miss deadlines, you will be in trouble. Your core jobs must be built strongly and solidly. You have to create a schedule, add extra days as buffers, and put your nose to the grindstone for the entire dissertation process. You do not have the luxury of falling behind any of the steps.

Use a large wall calendar for assignments and milestones, put your dates in your phone, visit your advisor often, and make sure you work on the dissertation every single day. Giving any less than 100% to the dissertation process is simply not acceptable.