5 Reasons Why Students Use Dissertation Writing Services

Not every student who uses a dissertation writing service is necessarily lazy and unwilling to work. The reasons are multiple and sometimes quite understandable; here are just a few.

  1. They have a full-time job.
  2. Lots of students today have get a full-time job while still at university, in order to pay their bills. When it comes to writing a dissertation, they have a position that commands most of their time. As it would be unreasonable to quit a well-paying and promising job, they prefer to hire someone to complete their paper instead.

  3. They have to rush to the finish line.
  4. “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” – this saying is absolutely true for dissertation writing. Many students underestimate the amounts of time and effort they need to put into each stage. They spend first months, or even years, “warming up” or doing an unhurried research – and end up facing the need to knock the whole paper together in just a few weeks. This prospect is so terrifying that they see no other way out than to outsource their work.

    Less common is the case when a student is determined to complete the paper on his or her own, but an emergency gets in the way. With so much work already behind, the candidate now has to abandon the PhD pursuit, e. g. to look for a sick family member. Some choose to use a writing service to help them with the remaining part, instead of quitting with a faint hope to resume a few years later.

  5. They have to write a dissertation in a foreign language.
  6. A significant portion of custom papers is purchased by ESL students of British and American universities. Although their English might be good enough to cope with essays or smaller research papers without any problems, they would rather not take the risk of failing their dissertation because of poor language and style.

  7. They hate writing.
  8. Some PhD students are enthusiastic researchers but reluctant writers. As much as they love digging into a problem, just as much they hate communicating their findings in the form of a lengthy paper. These customers provide their research writer with the results of their experiment and raw data and expect him or her to do the rest.

  9. They want a cost-effective solution.
  10. A growing number of candidates is realistic towards their academic ability, which is not really high, but they still want a PhD degree to increase their value at the job market. They are pragmatics who seek the best result at the smallest cost. Instead of putting years of lifetime in a mediocre paper, they would rather pay a reasonable fee to a professional writer and get a shiny one.