Basic Rules For Citing Dissertation Abstracts In The APA Style

Are you worried how you will write your dissertation because this is your first time? Do you want to come up with a winning assignment and score a good grade? Are you looking to impress your teachers with a perfect assignment without any margin for error? Are you done with the rest of your paper but need to format it in the right style? Does your teacher want you to follow the APA style for writing your paper or certain section in your paper? Do you need help in citing the abstract section of your paper? Are you worried because you have never done this before? Do you want to write an abstract that can sweep people off their feet and keep them hooked to your paper and research?

It is nothing new if you are thinking about all these questions. Every student does. It is not necessary that all students have same issues and concerns but most of the students need help in writing their academic papers especially when they are doing it for the first time. Thesis and dissertations are critical in nature because the student needs to qualify for their final degree and they cannot do so if the teacher does not approve the paper.

An abstract is the overview or short summary of your entire research. It is a mini version of your entire dissertation and needs to have clear, precise, and brief sentences. The format for an abstract using the American Psychological Association will be easier. All you need to do is go to their official site or refer to a book for APA guidelines and you will know all the important rules for citing your abstract.

Generally, the APA style has the following rules, you need to consult with your teacher and confirm their requirements for the abstract of your paper.

  1. You need to use a readable font that has clear distinction between capital and small letters as well as regular, bold, and italic styles. The easier your paper is to read, the better it will be for you and your readers both. The general font could be Times New Roman, Arial or any other font that is legible
  2. The size of the font in your abstract should not be less than 10 points. The typeface needs to be 12 or 10 and not less in any case unless off course specified
  3. It is recommended to use italics or bold to write titles and names of books or work