Finding practical management dissertation topics

Choosing a dissertation topic for a management degree is overwhelming for many students. There are so many different things to consider that it can seem almost impossible to have a dissertation topic approved by one’s mentor or committee. However, a few simple tricks can greatly simplify the process of getting one’s topic approved. Here’s what to do to find a practical management dissertation topic:

Read Up on Other Dissertation Topics

The first step is to choose a basic topic one’s interested in and then review the dissertations which have already been written on this topic. Most universities give students access to past dissertations, and now is the time to take advantage of that. If, for some reason, the student doesn’t have a way to read up on past dissertation, they can go another route and read scholarly journal articles on the topic, identifying the thesis statement of each one.

Next, the student should make a list of those dissertation topics or thesis statements which they would most like to write about. This list should include at least five topics, because the student will have further choices to make before settling on a dissertation topic.

Unfortunately, the student won’t find their topic approved by their committee or advisor if it’s identical to a journal article or dissertation that’s been written in the past; it’s usually required that students forge new ground with their dissertation topics. So, the next step in the process is for the student to review the list of topics they’ve made and consider what other questions or directions these topics suggest for their own research. If nothing immediately comes to mind, the student may want to do some background reading on those they find most interesting.

While reading, the student should note any questions that come up or intriguing topics for research.

They should then make a short list of topics they wish to pursue for their dissertation. Three to five should be adequate. They should then do some preliminary research, noting the quality and quantity of sources available for each topic. The most practical management dissertation topics will offer more than enough sources of top quality for research material. Students that choose difficult to research topics will find that they’ve made the entire dissertation writing process far more difficult than it needs to be. With these simple steps, they can find an easy to research, practical topic.