Useful Recommendations on Writing a Dissertation in International Business

In order to create a great dissertation on international business for your graduate course, you should adhere to the follow recommendations. These were put together by some of the most experienced academic writers and are sure to make completing your assignment much easier.

Revise Your Plan with Specific Goals for Each Week

Create a long term plan to schedule your major tasks over the course of several months. Working on any international business project should take up a lot of your time throughout the week. This is just one of the reasons why you should establish specific goals for each day. Give yourself a day or two in between your major goals so that you can rest or create some time where you can catch up should you fall behind at any point.

Write Excellent Notes Complete with Citations

When you do your research you can save yourself a lot of time by taking highly detailed notes that include complete citation information for each of the resources you consult. This is a great method for avoiding mistakes that might lead to questions or suspicions about paraphrasing or borrowing information that you fail to credit.

Create an Outline for Your First Dissertation Draft

Take your research notes and start the process of organizing the information by clustering related discussion topics and supporting pieces of evidence. Next, create an outline of the research information to help keep your work structured as you start writing the first draft. You can be as detailed as you want, just be sure that you can efficiently refer to the draft and know exactly what you want to state.

Revise the Content of Your Dissertation Argument

Set your work aside for a few days before staring your revision. The argument or structure in your first draft should be far from perfect and through revision you should find several ways to improve your work so that it effectively and efficiently communicates what your research findings. Don’t become overly attached to any portion of your draft; you should always remove, rearrange or add content if it would make for a better final product.

Edit, Proofread and Add the Final Presentation Details

Finally, you should spend plenty of time editing, proofreading and adding the final presentation details of your final work. Do each of these steps at multiple levels – since this is the most effective way of ensuring that you don’t miss anything that could cost you a letter grade.