Searching For A Dissertation Cover Page Example Online: A Quick Guide

You need to be very careful when you create a dissertation cover page as this particular part of your paper must comply with a great number of formal requirements. It must be perfect, because this is the “face” of your paper. It shouldn’t be difficult to ensure that your title page doesn’t have any mistakes if you know the rules and have seen a few samples.

The following guide will teach you how to create a dissertation cover page that you can be proud of.

  1. Talk to your advisor.
  2. Consultation with your advisor is the first thing you should do. This person should be able to provide you with a complete list of format requirements that your paper must meet. Be sure to study it very carefully and ask any questions you have. It’s better to spend some time going over the rules and clarifying some of the most difficult formalities than lose points for simple mistakes in formatting.

    You should also get your advisor to check the title page after you complete it.

  3. Learn more about formatting.
  4. Once you know what style you have to use, research it a bit to learn if there are any other important issues that your advisor might have missed. Please note that many universities have special requirements that “bend” traditional formatting rules a little. You should discuss this with the advisor to determine whether any discrepancies you discover need to be fixed.

  5. Go to your university library.
  6. This is an incredibly rich source of information on many subjects, including writing styles, academic paper formatting and dissertations. You should talk to the librarians and ask for some helpful books on this subject. You should also ask to see a few dissertations of the graduated students. These papers should be stored in the library or in university archive. As they were written by people from your school, you can be sure that their title pages meet the requirements you need.

  7. Search for samples online.
  8. You can find a great number of dissertation examples online. If you are interested in title pages, they should be available from the websites that offer writing advice to graduate and post-graduate students. These samples are also complemented with formatting guidelines.

    If you need some help with other parts of the dissertation as well, you should look for good examples. These are harder to find as the quality of free papers is often low. Search some student online forums for references to reliable sources.