List of Top 12 Unique Dissertation Writing Ideas on Marketing

When it is time for you to complete your dissertation in the field of Marketing, you will want to make sure that your topic is fresh, innovative, and appropriate. When you are ready to submit the topic for approval, consider using one of our 12 unique ideas.

  1. Keeping Up with Social Media Strategies- with the quick changing world of social media, it can be difficult to know what will work and what will not. Some social media sites have gone from being a gathering place for young people to a location where middle aged people meet. An evaluation of using social media effectively would make for a good piece.
  2. Staying Politically Correct while Seeking Clients- tiptoeing through the minefield called political correctness does matter in advertising. Explore this topic.
  3. The Circular Subject- Some pitches seem to re-occur on a regular basis, and remain relevant. Look at these circular approaches to the field.
  4. Trends and Classics-As an expert in the field, it will be expected that you know what a lasting classic approach is and what a short-term trend is. Knowing this can mean the difference between an effective plan and a disastrous campaign.
  5. Colors Matter-It has long been known that colors do matter in effective sales and presentation. Look at these colors and the strategies that have worked and the ones that have not worked.
  6. Do Celebrities Work- Is it really effective to give a professional basketball player a lifetime endorsement contract? Look at celebrity endorsements and see which ones have worked and which ones have not worked.
  7. Iconic Strategies-Some marketing campaigns are iconic because of their impact on the world. Explore these campaigns in detail. See if there is a common thread and what makes them work.
  8. Does Print Still Matter- With the explosion of electronic use, does the print campaign still matter. Look at the costs of print campaigns and the return to see how this has changed.
  9. How Much is too Much-many a plan has been sabotaged by too much color, too much cuteness, too much print, and too many gimmicks. Explore this in your piece and look at examples through the years.
  10. What Works During Holidays-look at major holiday programs which have been profitable throughout the decades. This approach would result in an ambitious , but informative piece.
  11. Ads that People Hate and Why They Work-some ads and plans are so annoying and bad that they get your attention. You are attracted to the product due to the sheer awfulness of the marketing. Look at some of these samples and research them for a fresh idea.
  12. Evaluating Your Audience-One of the first things you are taught in this major is to evaluate your projected audience. Write a piece on how that criteria has changed through the years.