How to pick educational leadership dissertation topics that you are really interested inĀ 

Finding the right topic to use for a research dissertation can be difficult. Without a good topic, it is very difficult to determine the flow that the dissertation will require. Once a good topic is found, however, everything falls into place. Consider some of the following topics and how you might be able to use them for a thesis:

  • Topic 1:
  • Coaching and Mentoring. Current research indicates that when training and coaching go hand in hand, leaders are able to better transfer a lot of what they learn into the classroom or workplace. In comparison to training without coaching, the amount that is transferred into the workplace or classroom is much higher. Leaders and educators of all experience levels will benefit from mentoring and coaching programs and they help to provide a cost effective way to make a relevant impact on both productivity and achievement.

    Consider the types of training that are offered in various fields. How could they benefit from changes in the way that their training is presented? Are there available coaches who could provide their leadership expertise along with the training? Is this cost effective for both the companies and the coaches? What sort of educational changes could be made throughout the entire system in order to implement this?

  • Topic 2:
  • Equity and Diversity Training. People should not fall behind in their work or their education due to issues primarily stemming from their socioeconomic situation or their race. Rather, students should be encouraged to do their best regardless of their situation and, thus, be given the opportunity to advance in school just like every other student. There does, however, seem to be a correlation between the races and the socioeconomic statuses. How can this be monitored? How can companies and schools close the gap? Will institutionalizing equity prove worth it? Does a common standard exist? Is it working like it is supposed to? If not, what does research indicate the solution is?

    Think about these questions and try and take a little bit of time to free write about the topic once your reading is finished. See what comes to mind. Look for interesting things in the reading and in your brainstorming and you may come across something that will make for a good dissertation topic. Once you have a good topic the research will become easier, the outline will be simple, and the writing will flow freely.