In Search Of Fresh Film Studies Dissertation Ideas

For your one last task, you have to write a dissertation. It is probably an extremely intimidating experience because this paper trumps all papers that you have written in the past twice over. You have to write a book like paper on a very specific hypothesis in film studies.

Your paper needs also to be written in a quality that could be published. So if you weren’t intimidated before, you probably are now. That was not my intension. My intension was to illustrate the magnitude of the assignment that you are about to embark on so that you take the topic choice seriously. You will also need to get your topic approved by the board before you can even start writing your paper not every student gets this completed on the first try. If you are able to come up with a strong idea, you can skip the long hours of editing and resubmitting your proposal. Here are some great ideas to get you started on choosing a topic.

  1. Creating suspense in a horror film
  2. Creating pieces of work from historical events without losing the integrity of the events
  3. Special effects in silent movies
  4. Evolution of anime
  5. Evolution of Martial Arts movies
  6. Technological advances in special effects
  7. Landscape of Indian literature
  8. Evolution of urban film making
  9. Early cartoon movies
  10. Critical Approaches and Problems
  11. International Cinema
  12. Connection between film and literature
  13. Social Aspects of film-making
  14. Evolution of music in film
  15. Importance of a character in a piece of work

Once you have chosen an idea that interests you, start doing some research to narrow this topic down to a more specific one. Take one aspect of it and dive into that one aspect. Tell how that one technique can create suspense and use lots of samples to prove it. Use something like, how the use of music can create suspense. You can even try and break it down to be even more specific and use genres and music styles.

The key is to choose a topic that is unique and original and then find the proof to back it up. Hope that this helps you get the brainstorming going. You should experience huge relief once this part of the process is complete. Good luck and get brainstorming!