The Collection Of 13 Dissertation Topics On Journalism To Write About

When writing dissertations on the subject of journalism, there are various different topics that you can use as a basis for any title. For a start, you may wish to consider what form of journalism you wish to write about. It may be that you wish to write about television journalism, radio journalism, newspaper journalism, or even online journalism.

Another thing that you may wish to consider is what category of information you wish to be concerned with. For example, you may look at journalism in war zones, or you may wish to write about business journalism, or you can even write about the way journalists cover celebrity news.

Getting further ideas for your journalism dissertation

One of the best ways of finding inspiration when trying to think of topics and titles to use for your dissertation is to simply read what other people have written. For example, if you can get hold of them, then you can look over the past papers written by students who used to study at the same institution as you.

Alternatively, if you are unable to find any work that has been written by your peers, then you may wish to look online instead. In fact, you can find a wide range of different academic papers on the Internet. You may look for work that is available for free from websites that specialise in providing academic content or you may wish to pay for it instead. Alternatively, you may look for samples on other websites, such as those of various universities.

Before you start looking for samples, you may wish to look at the list of ideas below.

  1. Should the media regulate journalistic standards?
  2. How do journalists obtain information?
  3. Should journalists be required to divulge their sources in the event of crimes occurring?
  4. How much danger are war journalists in when reporting from the front line?
  5. How has journalism changed since the rise of the Internet?
  6. Are newspapers still relevant in the 21st Century?
  7. Does the press deserve its reputation?
  8. How have modern communication methods impacted upon the way in which journalists report the news?
  9. How to people become freelance journalists?
  10. How has the journalist profession changed over the past two decades?
  11. What influence do journalists have on politics?
  12. An analysis of how a journalist solved a major crime
  13. An analysis of modern journalism techniques