Excelling in Master's Thesis Writing: Setting the Record Straight

Master's thesis is much more than a normal thesis. A Master's Degree is much more prestigious than a four-year degree and the difficulty increases accordingly. There are many misconceptions about writing a Master's thesis and most of them are probably wrong. There are a couple of important things, and no amount of flowery language or distraction will save a bad Master's Thesis. You need the research done correctly, find something original, and present your ideas in a logical manner. That is all that matters, style does not count for much. Verbiage does not count for much either, everything should be crisp and clean.

Really, for a Master's thesis, you do not have as strict requirements as say, a Doctor's degree, but you cannot just come up with some cliché topic and stop for the day. Instead, you need to realize that more is expected of you. You cannot crib someone else's topic, and you really need to come up with your own. If you do not have any idea what interests you, perhaps a Master's degree is not the best route for you in life. Instead, you should be focusing on refining your area of interest into a distinct, new fashion that you cannot find anywhere else. Even if it is just a little different, that will do, just dare to be interesting.

Your research needs to be good. This is the center of your Master's Thesis, so you really cannot phone this one in. There needs to be a lot of rigor, and you should be reading twice as many sources as you actually use. Know that you can experiment a bit, but you should definitely look into what opposing sources say, make sure that you are not wrong. Anticipate any concerns that might be raised as to your point, and make sure that you address them. This is the only way to succeed, because you need to be able to defend your ideas from any possible attack.

Synthesizing your ideas into a logical manner is the heart of a good Master's Thesis. What is most important is that you should be able to be as logical as possible. Do not commit any logical fallacies, and make sure that you do not try to obfuscate things for the sake of padding. It should be rather raw writing that sets forth your findings. This allows you to come off as knowledgeable and professional.