Top 10 Dissertation Ideas Related To Social Work

Since your dissertation has to be on a subject that has never been covered before, it can be hard to fight the right idea to run with. You have to think back to all of the stuff you learned, journals you read, and any other dissertations that you have read. They can at least give you some ideas about the topics that you might want to cover. If you are going to do a social work topic then you should read various materials on the subject. Then you can see what has already been done and where you can go with your topic. If you are having problems then these topics should give you a good head start on your dissertation.

10 Ideas For A Dissertation On Social Work

  • Find an area of the world that has a high rate of Domestic Violence and study the area and try to figure out why it is so high there.
  • Think about the youth today and how much they have changed since you were a child. Look at why they have changed and figure out the reason for this change.
  • Pick a mental illness to study, you can look at a group of people that live with it but it has to be specific. For example, ADHD a real illness or just kids being kids?
  • Take a look at the Affordable Care Act, I know that it is in its infancy but you can look at the effect that it has taken already on the healthcare system and the people that have the insurance.
  • Are we treating substance abuse properly in America? Most people see them as criminal and ignore the problem. Explore the treatment options and how other countries deal with this problem.
  • You could also pick a religion and examine it. Start at the beginning and examine all of the chance that it has gone though over the years, for the better or worst.
  • Examine an organization, like Child Protection Services. You can find a lot of interesting information on these kinds of places and look at how it all works.
  • How does being born to an incarcerated mother effect the child?
  • The effects of incest on a family and the child of it.
  • The effects on a child that is homosexual and how the schools and home life affect him or her?