Hiring a PhD dissertation proofreader

Proof reading isn’t such an easy job that people seem think it is. It requires expertise, experience and an intelligent eye. So, imaginably, going through a scientific essay, like a PhD dissertation, will be ten times harder than going through a normal essay because of the technical words and terminologies used.

Writing a PhD study is hard due to the great number of pages and research involved, so for people who don’t have the energy to PROOFREAD it as well, they can hire a professional.

Hiring PhD document proofreaders is different than hiring common essay proof readers because of the advanced level of academics involved. PhD dissertations have experimental data, proofs of hypothesis, analyses, and critical presentations on the specific topic which obviously only a learned and well educated person can make heads or tails of.

Here’s how PhD students can employ experts for improving their work:

  1. The World Wide Web is a rich source for best dissertation writing services and proofreading websites. A quick search can yield many promising sites that will allow students to hire professionals.
  2. The most suitable website should be chosen after which the student needs to specify the

    • Academic field of the document (in this case, PhD dissertation)
    • Deadline
    • Format (American English or British English)
    • Style guide (Harvard referencing, Chicago referencing, APA style etc.)
    • Price which is usually dependent on the word count, and is fixed per word or per 10 words. Students can use PayPal or Credit cards for payment.
  3. After this, the personal info has to provided, for example
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Telephone number
  4. Then the document to be proofread should be sent, either directly or through email.
  5. The proofreader will contact the person through the site for any queries regarding the essay. A confirmation link will also be sent.

The professionals employed by these sites are themselves PhD graduates or professors, so they provide excellent services.

They usually proofread by the ‘track changes’ system in Microsoft Word so that the student can make and dismiss changes according to his or her requirements. The proofreader will send TWO copies of the work, one with the changes and the other with the tracked changes.

The student can then do whatever he or she wants with those documents, eventually securing a good grade in the paper.